Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Win, Win

I am pretty amazing with how much I already have planned for the wedding.  After taking in the engagement for those first few days in NY, I felt the pressure to get the date and venues picked right away.  After that, it has been so much fun! In a mere one month, we have also chosen...

  • photographer 
  • cake baker 
  • wedding dress 
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • caterer
  • florist 
  • invitations 
  • band 
I can add Save the Dates to that list after our engagement pics in a few weeks :)

And the most exciting news of all...
Clint LOVES, LOVES, LOVES funfetti {aka rainbow chip} cake...I mean who doesn't?! I decided to just simply ask our cake baker if she had done a rainbow chip wedding cake flavor, and she said she would do it for us!! And best yet, she said she could match the sprinkles insides {which, I LOVE sprinkles} to our wedding colors!! So Clint gets his funfetti cake, I get sprinkles and its all going to be wrapped up in a beautiful cake!  Makes me realize, its the little things that will make our special day even more special :)