Monday, July 5, 2010

Medical update

First off, thanks for the kind words and prayers :)  I had two different songrams on Wednesday.  The first was painless and showed normal results.  The doctor wanted to be a bit more through so he did a 2nd sonogram where he threaded a tube into an opening in my uterus, pumped water inside, and then took a look around.  This was 0% fun, especially since I did not realize it was going to hurt.  This time the Dr. found what he thinks is a polyp, which is hopefully the cause of the bleeding.  To get rid of the polyp, he is going to do two different surgical procedures... 1) a hysteroscopy and 2) a D&C.  The hysteroscopy is where they insert a lighted scope into my cervix and into my uterus so they can easily see the polyp.  Then the Dr. can insert a surgical instrument through the hysteroscope to remove the polyp.  The D&C will be a scraping of the lining of my uterus to determine where the polyp came from and if I am at risk for developing more.  It will be an outpatient procedure with a 5-7 day recoup window since I will apparently have a lot of soreness and cramping.  Due to changes in my family's insurance plan, I cannot have the surgery until August 18th...which has its pros and cons. PRO: I won't have to miss class or any upcoming weekend plans (weddings, birthdays) that I already have planned. CON: I will keep bleeding for another month and a half, and will continue to bleed for a few weeks after the procedure.  I also cannot swim for 2 weeks after the surgery or run/jog for 4 weeks afterwards, so I guess I should hit the gym hard before August 18th! Thanks again for all the support!