Friday, December 31, 2010

Bailey's 1st Christmas!

This year was Bailey's first Christmas {with us as least} since she was only 4 weeks old last Christmas.  
Bailey with Clint's dad (February 2010)

Now she is a big 1 year old and was ready for some Christmas fun.  After sniffing out her stocking, I made her pose with her yummy treats and bed from Santa.

After a lazy Christmas day, we woke up to over 1 FOOT of snow in Wilson! We are certainly not used to seeing so much snow and the only one prepared for the weather was Bailey..with her new Ducky Raincoat!!
"Where did all my pinecones go??"
"Oh well, this stuff is great!"

I loved watching her running through the snow and having sooo much fun!  After LOTS of playing and eating enough snow for a lifetime, we ventured back inside for a good nap.  Gotta love the Holidays! 

"Mom, you are bothering me."

I hope everyone has a fantastic {and safe} New Years Eve! It's looking like ill be cooking dinner and ringing in the New Year {champagne included} with my wonderful boyfriend. Sounds perfect to me :) 

Friday, December 17, 2010

For Rent

Clint and I have been spending our free time searching for somewhere to live starting in May!! I have been dying to look for a while, and he finally gave me the "go-ahead" last week.  Finding something perfect is less than a perfect process. I mean come on, there HAS to be some super cute, pet-friendly, 2 bedroom houses with a fenced-in back yard in close enough proximity to Jersey Mikes and Durham Regional for under $1100, right??  Oh yeah, and it has to be available starting May 1st-9th. I am convinced we will find something we love, and even more convinced that everything will work out like its supposed to.  
As a side note...
Today is graduation day for the OT Class of 2010.  I can't even imagine what they are feeling right now, but I am sure I will be beaming on my graduation day, December, 16th, 2011!  I can officially say that I have LESS than a year until I will be free from school :)  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The end is near!

A. Blogging is such a great procrastination tool!

I have spend the better half of my day studying for my last final of the semester {can I get an AMEN!} I can't do too much complaining considering this semester hasn't been terrible, and next semester (aka, the LAST) will be even more easy, breezy!  Once I get though my final on Monday, and get to PAY DAY WEDNESDAY, I will officially be able to commence Christmas Shopping 2010 :) This year I am going all out to make sure that I give some really cute, thoughtful, but low budget gifts.  {I am aware that I have said one too many times that I am broke, but really, I am BRRRRROKE.} To help me in my quest I have been stalking reading some awesome blogs like Thrifty Decor Chick.  I'm truly excited about finding great deals and making cute little reminders of how much I love the ones who mean so much to me.  

Monday, December 6, 2010

Grinch Eggs

Tomorrow marks the end of classes for the Fall '10 semester...wahoooo!!! To celebrate, my OT class is having a Tacky Christmas Party so finding the perfect dish to bring was my distraction for the evening.  Being on a budget, I thought I would do something that I already had all the ingredients for.  After a quick look around the kitchen, I settled on deviled eggs {yummmmmy}.  As if deviled eggs aren't delish enough, I wanted to *spice* them up a bit and make them more festive.  I started with the idea to sprinkle cayenne pepper over the eggs for the RED of Christmas, but then I stumbled upon the GREEN food coloring :) So, hellloooo red and green eggs! 
When I showed them to my roomie, she said..
       "OH, they look like Grinch eggs!"
 So there you have it, cutie patootie Grinch Eggs :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

22 weeks

Man, the boredom of biostatistics can really force you to think about where your life is going.  I realized today that I only have 22 more weeks left in Greenville.  More importantly, that means only 22 weeks until I move to Chapel Hill and get to FINALLY live side-by-side with the one I love.  
Within that time frame I have...
3 weeks til Christmas
5 weeks til NYC with Clint 
13 weeks til Spring Break
14 weeks til my 2nd fieldwork level 1 
18 weeks until a girls trip to Chicago 
19 weeks until I present my thesis research

Looks like I have a LOT to look forward to!!
And the excitement doesn't end at 22 weeks.

In 24 weeks I will begin my fieldwork level 2....where I will be working as an OT (without pay)

In 1 year... I will have my MASTERS!