Monday, December 6, 2010

Grinch Eggs

Tomorrow marks the end of classes for the Fall '10 semester...wahoooo!!! To celebrate, my OT class is having a Tacky Christmas Party so finding the perfect dish to bring was my distraction for the evening.  Being on a budget, I thought I would do something that I already had all the ingredients for.  After a quick look around the kitchen, I settled on deviled eggs {yummmmmy}.  As if deviled eggs aren't delish enough, I wanted to *spice* them up a bit and make them more festive.  I started with the idea to sprinkle cayenne pepper over the eggs for the RED of Christmas, but then I stumbled upon the GREEN food coloring :) So, hellloooo red and green eggs! 
When I showed them to my roomie, she said..
       "OH, they look like Grinch eggs!"
 So there you have it, cutie patootie Grinch Eggs :)

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