Thursday, December 2, 2010

22 weeks

Man, the boredom of biostatistics can really force you to think about where your life is going.  I realized today that I only have 22 more weeks left in Greenville.  More importantly, that means only 22 weeks until I move to Chapel Hill and get to FINALLY live side-by-side with the one I love.  
Within that time frame I have...
3 weeks til Christmas
5 weeks til NYC with Clint 
13 weeks til Spring Break
14 weeks til my 2nd fieldwork level 1 
18 weeks until a girls trip to Chicago 
19 weeks until I present my thesis research

Looks like I have a LOT to look forward to!!
And the excitement doesn't end at 22 weeks.

In 24 weeks I will begin my fieldwork level 2....where I will be working as an OT (without pay)

In 1 year... I will have my MASTERS!

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