Monday, May 31, 2010

Lazy Dazy

Even Bailey partook in our wonderful weekend of relaxation.

Usually the best weekends always go by so quickly.  Fortunately, this long weekend has been packed full of good quality time and lots of laughter.  Clint and I were able to do the usual errand running and playing with Bailey, but also got to spend some time with his handsome, 1 week old nephew.  I never thought watching a sleeping baby squirm and change expressions could be so entertaining!  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

back on track...

My first year of graduate school is over!! Well, technically. Here is what has been going on....

*We got a sweet 1 week break and now we are back to the grind.  My lovely professors have decided to fit a 16-week course in 11-weeks, so from here until July 29th I will be sitting through 3-6 hours of classes and doing school work (how preposterous!).  
*I have fun summer plans set up, like tons of weddings and looking forward to playing with baby Jackson!  I am also looking forward to mine and Clint's 2 year anniversary (July 3rd) and yes, I have already begun bouncing around ideas :) Living almost two hours away from one another I welcome any chance I can get to plan a fun weekend for the two of us.  
*I have taken a job with the Autism Society of North Carolina!  I will be working a lot, but it will be great practice for the OT world...and I will hopefully not be so dang broke all the time.  
*I found a church I really like in Greenville, Eastern Pines Church of Christ. I met some of the members while doing some OT work in the community and thought I would give it a try. It feels nice to finally to have found a place to worship in Greenville since my home church is still in Wilson.  
...Amongst the already set plans, I will also be trying to 1) get back to working out 2) helping Clint find a place to move in August (a whole other post in its entirety) and 3) work on saving up for the future. After all, if I serious about wanting to ever buy a house or get married I need to have some way to pay for it!   

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So close!!

I figured I was in need of (though not deserved) a study break and blogging is always such a wonderful way to procrastinate :) I had the  most fabulous weekend with the boyfriend and wish I could replay it all over again instead of studying for 6 finals..BLAH.  I had the privilege of having Clint in Greenville all day Friday and Saturday which is incredibly rare between his work, my school and our 20 million other events going on.  We were able to spend Friday afternoon at the pool, grab a late lunch at a Tavola, made a glorious crock-pot dinner (which I love the combination of 5% work and 100% yummy), and actually made it out to meet some friends!! Saturday we made it back to the pool where Clint managed to look like , spend the late afternoon napping (Clint) and studying (me), and had a romantic date night filled with Olive Garden, the movie Date Night (HILARIOUS!!!), and my oh so favorite Lo Yo!!  Now honestly, could this weekend have been any better?!? Do take note that Bailey was sadly left out of many of the weekend activities due to her need to recoop from her mean ol' parents getting her spayed.  No worries, she is doing fantastic...although she looks a little bored with all my studying as well...