Sunday, May 2, 2010

So close!!

I figured I was in need of (though not deserved) a study break and blogging is always such a wonderful way to procrastinate :) I had the  most fabulous weekend with the boyfriend and wish I could replay it all over again instead of studying for 6 finals..BLAH.  I had the privilege of having Clint in Greenville all day Friday and Saturday which is incredibly rare between his work, my school and our 20 million other events going on.  We were able to spend Friday afternoon at the pool, grab a late lunch at a Tavola, made a glorious crock-pot dinner (which I love the combination of 5% work and 100% yummy), and actually made it out to meet some friends!! Saturday we made it back to the pool where Clint managed to look like , spend the late afternoon napping (Clint) and studying (me), and had a romantic date night filled with Olive Garden, the movie Date Night (HILARIOUS!!!), and my oh so favorite Lo Yo!!  Now honestly, could this weekend have been any better?!? Do take note that Bailey was sadly left out of many of the weekend activities due to her need to recoop from her mean ol' parents getting her spayed.  No worries, she is doing fantastic...although she looks a little bored with all my studying as well...

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