Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ah-Ah-Ahhh*CHOO* -lergies

I.hate. allergies! This year they are almost debilitating! I am constantly sneezing, blowing my noise, and putting eye drops in my eyes.  As I sit here in my gym clothes, I am dreading the feeling of running with a stuffy head.  Not to mention my asthma (I know, I am a walking disaster).  My darling Clint bought me a neti pot...and at first I was as skeptical as Oprah looks here. I will say that it helped me to sleep last night so maybe I should stick with it!!  

As a side note, I will have to put aside my misery so I can take care of beautiful little puppy tonight.  She is currently at the dreaded vet getting spayed and will need a lot of love and cuddles!

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