Sunday, April 11, 2010

So much for saving....

Note to self: Never assume that you are in control, of ANYTHING.  

I have been busting my butt to find ways to save a penny here, a penny there so that survival on a graduate school budget would be possible.  HA!!! Clint was coming into town on Friday so I thought I would take some time Thursday night to clean and do some laundry. I began with the comforter...MISTAKE!  Apparently my comforter was too big for the washer (who thought a grad student could be so dumb?), so not only did the comforter not get washed....I had to take it out, rinse it out in the bathtub, wring it out, try to throw it in the dryer (MISTAKE 2) and ended up drying it out on the balcony.  Meanwhile I am having to clean up a leaking washing machine.  I tried to do a smaller load to see if it would work...(MISTAKE 3).  I ended up wringing out all of the clothes one by one and scooping all the water out of the drum with a cup.
Come to find out, fixing the 11 year old, hand-me-down washer was not worth $600 later I have....

 I am trying to remain optimistic about being dreadfully in debt now and even more so looking forward to my prosperous OT future...December 2011, where are you?!  

So if anyone knows of a good part-time job in Greenville, send it my way! :) 

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