Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh well...pass the wine

I have been doing really well (for me) with working out and increasing how far I have been able to run.  Hit a 3 miler last week, which is a nice pat on the back since I usually maxed out at a mile a month or so ago.  I am always much better during the motivated to eat right and make working out a priority.  This weekend I surprised myself by really being in the mood for a run! I was supposed to go for a 4 miler, but after all the begging to get the fiancee to tag along I threw in the towel around (maybe) a mile.  I was really discouraged...running outside for me is soo much different (and harder) than running on the treadmill.  Honestly I think it is the lack of knowing actually how far I have been, or how many calories I have burned.  Seeing those releaving numbers right in front of my eyes always gets me going a little further.  I tried to make up for it by doing some weight and abs, and decided I would get back in it on Monday.
So today is Monday.  Woke up before the sun to drive back to Greenville for work at 8:30am..ewww.  All day I was getting myself ready for my awesome workout.  I even stopped by the grocery store and replenished my supply of 'supper yummy and good for you' items for the rest of the week.  My motivation hit the ground when I stepped inside my apartment and saw my roommate and friend cooking up a delicous spaghetti dinner and indulging in a glass of wine.  And then came the rain.  So I'll try again tomorrow. Although getting in shape is {towards} the top of my list, spending quality time with great friends is something that is hard to get back. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bye, Bye Bug

Last week I was really excited when I checked my email and saw my personalized fitness and nutrition plan created for me by Bess! I had full intentions of starting right away, but my body said "no thanks" when I woke up early Monday morning with the stomach virus.  I finally got over that around Wednesday and then Thursday I got the icky chest congestion, wear you down, kind of cold.  Go figure! So after feeling much, much better yesterday, I got started on my personalized plan! I tried to be an overachiever and do the 1st 2 workouts on the same day since I missed Sunday.  So I started off with a 2 mile run, and then did arms, back and lots of stretching. It may have hurt at times, but I pushed through and I did it!  I can't wait to hit up Harris Teeter (SUPER DOUBLES END TODAY!) and stock up on the foods I need to be eating to get me in tip-top wedding shape.

In other news, wedding planing is trucking along :) A couple weekends ago, a couple of my bridesmaid threw Clint and I a Stock the Bar party. We racked up on lots of great stuff and had an amazing time with friend and family :)
I promise I wasn't double fisting :) 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I mentioned in the previous post that Clint and I found what will be our "first home." We are so excited so I wanted to elaborate a little bit more :) We will be moving to Chapel Hill North...a brand new community being built in Chapel Hill.  We originally had our hearts set on something like this, but I must admit we found a pretty good compromise. Can't get much better than living in a brand new place, under budget, with a dog park, pool, and fitness center with my husband-to-be.  To add to the greatness, it is also within walking distance to Harris Teeter, a mexican restaurant, a coffee shop, and a movie theater!  
In preparation for the big May move, I have been trying to purge some of the stuff that won't make the cut when Clint and I combine our stuff.  What better way to do that then a HUGE yard sale?? My OT class  is organizing a class yard sale in April and I can't wait! What a perfect time to do some major junk chunking right before all the super cute wedding gifts come rolling in :) Gotta say, I LOVE being engaged! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been thinking a lot lately about how incredibly blessed I have been.  Getting engaged to the most amazing man I know and planning our wedding has shown me how great I have it. 
I have a family that is there for me offering me the utmost support and love each and every day.  I am marrying into such a loving, caring, fun to be around family and I couldn't be any luckier.  I have 10 wonderful bridesmaids who have all already done so much to show me how great our bonds really are.  I will be able to be surrounded on my wedding day by people who have touched my life in ways I could never fully describe. Clint and I signed papers to reserve the place that we will call our first home.  I will graduate this year and start applying to find not just a job, but my career.  
 I am truly blessed.  What makes you feel blessed?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nutrition confusion

In an effort to be a toned, fit, totally in-shape bride I have been trying to eat better and work out more.  The first couple weeks I thought I knew what I was I am completely confused. I started out my adding more calcium to my diet by drinking more milk and eating more yogurt.  I also am trying to eat more natural food as snacks instead of processed foods.  IN ADDITION I wanted to add more protein to my diet since I am trying to tone up.  What I have now realized that in order to get the amount of calcium and protein in my diet that I need, I am eating more than I should be.  So in despite of working out and running a lot more, I feel like I am gaining weight. So if anyone has any expert way to balance all this out, this bride to be would love your help!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Win, Win

I am pretty amazing with how much I already have planned for the wedding.  After taking in the engagement for those first few days in NY, I felt the pressure to get the date and venues picked right away.  After that, it has been so much fun! In a mere one month, we have also chosen...

  • photographer 
  • cake baker 
  • wedding dress 
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • caterer
  • florist 
  • invitations 
  • band 
I can add Save the Dates to that list after our engagement pics in a few weeks :)

And the most exciting news of all...
Clint LOVES, LOVES, LOVES funfetti {aka rainbow chip} cake...I mean who doesn't?! I decided to just simply ask our cake baker if she had done a rainbow chip wedding cake flavor, and she said she would do it for us!! And best yet, she said she could match the sprinkles insides {which, I LOVE sprinkles} to our wedding colors!! So Clint gets his funfetti cake, I get sprinkles and its all going to be wrapped up in a beautiful cake!  Makes me realize, its the little things that will make our special day even more special :)