Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MILA giveaway!

So now that you know all about how great Mila is....want to win some for free!?
I am giving away a week supply to 2 different lucky winners of a giveaway on my friend's blog!
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Oh my MILA!

Big life changes since the last post. Passed my national boards and am now a registered & licensed Occupational Therapist! Also, I have taken on a very exciting new life venture. My friend Lisa introduced me to an amazing product called Mila. It is a raw, whole superfood blend of chia seeds. Yes, I am sure you are they different than other chia seeds. Well they are MUCH better, of course! Chia seeds are grown in different regions, and each region has is own nutritional properties.  Mila is a blend of chia seeds from 4 different regions in the world so that you get the best of the best! I started adding Mila into my smoothies and yogurt for a month, and after only about 3 days I noticed a whole world of a difference. It gives me so much (healthy) energy, my digestion is vastly improved, my mental clarity has improved, it keeps me full (lots of fiber), my skin looks great, and I have even lost a few pounds. It is truly a miracle seed.  I have also introduced it to my family and friends. My mom (fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, poor circulation....) has been taking it and has noticed a huge decrease in her pain, increase in energy, and says she feels "sharper" than ever.  My dad (diabetes and overweight) has been taking it and he has noticed a decrease in his blood sugar and less tingling in his feet!!  How amazing!!  
I love this product so much that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a part of the booming business behind Mila, Lifemax.  I couldn't fathom knowing about this product and not being able to easily share it with my family, friends and anyone I meet.  Also, it is helping me to build my wealth! The business model is incredible and I am on my way to making a great supplemental income for my family doing the business VERY part time. I mean hello, I am a brand new OT working 40+ hours a week and a newlywed. So yes, very part time.  I would love to share this product with anyone who is willing to change their health for the better! 
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