Monday, January 31, 2011

Enter now!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A tale of 2 tow trucks

This past weekend Clint and I went to the mountains to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays. I had been looking forward to the weekend for a while, because it is rare that Clint and I have an unstructured weekend away.  Let me just say..the first night of our trip was quite the OPPOSITE of relaxing.  
We were going to be the first of the group to arrive, so after loading up on groceries for the weekend we started venturing up the mountain (circa 8:15pm).  The roads were fine at first, then we passed a pretty crucial sign saying "FOUR WHEEL DRIVE REQUIRED PAST THIS POINT."  Note: We are driving a 2-wheel drive, 1999 Toyota Camry. Did we stop? Heck no! We actually sped up, because according to Clint we had to keep the momentum going.  About a mile up the mountain, it got pretty icy so what happened?? The car came to a stop...then started rolling backward down the mountain.  PANIC! A little over an hour later AAA came to the rescue, with a 2-wheel drive tow truck...therefore, he couldn't tow us down. Instead, he physically slid the car in the other direction while Clint was steering.  {I had my eyes closed, head between my legs during this transition} By the grace of God we were able to tap the break down the mountain to safe land. Then what?? The 4-wheel drive jeep that our friends were driving also broke down near the cabin so they also had to call AAA (and wait 3 hours in the cold).  
So, what happened from there? We got a hotel room in Boone, chugged a few beers and prayed we could get a different cabin in the morning. Which we did, and all was well!! It ended up being an awesome weekend and we had a blast!!
Staying true to the Wolfpack

Clint vs the sled


Sunday, January 23, 2011

We got this

While out running errands yesterday Clint and I decided to drop into Belk to do some registering! My original plan was to take my master check-list that I had printed off, but of course I forgot it {oops!}.  So we winged it...which I think, was much more fun. After taking 20 minutes to pick out dinnerware, we finally got the hang of it. 
What next? We got this!

On top of getting a head start on starting our registry, we have also booked our band, reception venue, and caterer! Now If I could only figure out which photographer I want.

Poll: Should I have a photographer who is 
a. laid back, funny, and willing to do whatever we want
b. a team of 2 very organized photographers with a set list of photos

Both have their perks...HELP! 

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yes everyone, I AM ENGAGED!! I have been so busy living in wedding planning mode that I completely overlooked updating the blog.  After numerous requests from my fiancĂ©e {lovvveeee the sound of that}, here is your wedding update!  
The proposal was perfect and I still sport a huge grin when I catch a glimpse of my BEAUTIFUL ring!  He proposed on the first night that we were on vacation in NYC, so we were able to spend the rest of the week, just the 2 of us, smiling and talking about our future. I am a pretty crazy efficient planner so in a little over a week I already have my church, preacher and bridesmaids.  I am also within a week of securing the band, photographer, and florist (and HOPEFULLY the reception venue!).  I am loving every second of the planning!  I am ecstatic about taking this next step with Clint and love how much it has brought us even closer.  He is being an amazing part of the planning and has stepped up to take control of bits and pieces of the Big Day plans.  Just another reason why I love him so very much. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

NYC here we come!

The much awaited NYC trip is just a day away!!  Clint and I try to take one big vacation a year.  For the past 2 years we opted for the warm, sunny cruise vacay but this year we wanted to do something a little different.  I went to NYC a couple Labor Day's ago with some girls, but remember thinking the whole time, "It would be really cool to come back and do this with Clint" now I will be!  Neither one of us have done the "Touristy scene" so we are both super pumped!  I have been itching  trying to plan out an idea of where to do since we want to do SO much.  Surprisingly, Clint actually WANTED me to make a plan....that is something you won't hear every day!  A few things on our agenda are..Lombardi on Broadway (Thanks to Clint's sisters Rebekah and Sarah!!, dinner at "21 Club" (Thanks to Clint's family!, Yankee's Stadium Tour, the Wax museum, and every single Tourist attraction in NYC :) I am looking forward to every bit of it, especially just walking around and taking in the city with Clint!  

Saturday, January 1, 2011


As we ring in the the year 2011 we should all take time to think about how we are going to change ourselves for the better.  I have an incredible amount of things to look forward to in the New Year and I fully intend to cherish what the year brings.  Already on the 2011 calender is....beginning my OT fieldwork level II, moving to Chapel Hill to be with Clint, graduating, and 5 {and counting} weddings.  Clint and I have been bouncing resolution ideas back and forth this morning so I decided I would compile the list.
  1. Exercise more often. I need to get out of the "gym" mindset and just get moving. If I don't/can't make it to the gym, I need to get outside and take Bailey for a walk, do some Wii Fit, or simply a few at-home exercises.  
  2. Drink more water. Typically I do pretty well with this one, but there are always those little temptations where I make a bad choice.  I mean really, who can pass up sweet tea?
  3. Eat more "raw" food. Being a coupon freak, I usually buy snack foods in the Triscuit, Wheat Thin category instead of the grapes, apple, carrots category.  I need to cut back on the snack foods, and add in a lot of fruits and veggies.
  4. Save, save, save. Starting a new part-time job with way more money is going to make for temptations to shop and splurge.  I need to keep my eye on the prize and keep adding to my savings.  I need to save at least $3,000 more to get to my $10,000 goal by June.  
  5. Stop complaining, start doing. I admit, I have a bad habit of running my mouth when I don't like the way something is going.  This 1/1/11 I realized I needed to close my mouth and do something about it.  Perfect example from this morning....Clint's house is DISGUSTING. Not so much by his part, but from living with 4 other roommates and 3 shed-tastic pups. So this morning I got moving and scrubbed, vacuumed, and dusted my heart out.  Best part, Clint chipped in!  Great way to start the New Year :)
  6. Love deeper. Clint and I have a great relationship.  We do a lot of things together and enjoy spending time together.  But lately, I've been finding that it has been hard for me to turn  my mind off and just enjoy the moment together.  I am going to make a bigger effort to turn off the tv, set aside the computer, and just talk, laugh, be silly, etc with each other.  
All of these combined are my ultimate 2011 New Years resolution, be a happier, healthier me.  Best of luck to everyone with their own resolutions and take time this New Years thank God for another fabulous year.