Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yes everyone, I AM ENGAGED!! I have been so busy living in wedding planning mode that I completely overlooked updating the blog.  After numerous requests from my fiancée {lovvveeee the sound of that}, here is your wedding update!  
The proposal was perfect and I still sport a huge grin when I catch a glimpse of my BEAUTIFUL ring!  He proposed on the first night that we were on vacation in NYC, so we were able to spend the rest of the week, just the 2 of us, smiling and talking about our future. I am a pretty crazy efficient planner so in a little over a week I already have my church, preacher and bridesmaids.  I am also within a week of securing the band, photographer, and florist (and HOPEFULLY the reception venue!).  I am loving every second of the planning!  I am ecstatic about taking this next step with Clint and love how much it has brought us even closer.  He is being an amazing part of the planning and has stepped up to take control of bits and pieces of the Big Day plans.  Just another reason why I love him so very much. 

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