Sunday, January 30, 2011

A tale of 2 tow trucks

This past weekend Clint and I went to the mountains to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays. I had been looking forward to the weekend for a while, because it is rare that Clint and I have an unstructured weekend away.  Let me just say..the first night of our trip was quite the OPPOSITE of relaxing.  
We were going to be the first of the group to arrive, so after loading up on groceries for the weekend we started venturing up the mountain (circa 8:15pm).  The roads were fine at first, then we passed a pretty crucial sign saying "FOUR WHEEL DRIVE REQUIRED PAST THIS POINT."  Note: We are driving a 2-wheel drive, 1999 Toyota Camry. Did we stop? Heck no! We actually sped up, because according to Clint we had to keep the momentum going.  About a mile up the mountain, it got pretty icy so what happened?? The car came to a stop...then started rolling backward down the mountain.  PANIC! A little over an hour later AAA came to the rescue, with a 2-wheel drive tow truck...therefore, he couldn't tow us down. Instead, he physically slid the car in the other direction while Clint was steering.  {I had my eyes closed, head between my legs during this transition} By the grace of God we were able to tap the break down the mountain to safe land. Then what?? The 4-wheel drive jeep that our friends were driving also broke down near the cabin so they also had to call AAA (and wait 3 hours in the cold).  
So, what happened from there? We got a hotel room in Boone, chugged a few beers and prayed we could get a different cabin in the morning. Which we did, and all was well!! It ended up being an awesome weekend and we had a blast!!
Staying true to the Wolfpack

Clint vs the sled



  1. AAAAAHHH mountain driving scares me so much. I have very little experience with it too :)
    Glad everything worked out!