Sunday, January 23, 2011

We got this

While out running errands yesterday Clint and I decided to drop into Belk to do some registering! My original plan was to take my master check-list that I had printed off, but of course I forgot it {oops!}.  So we winged it...which I think, was much more fun. After taking 20 minutes to pick out dinnerware, we finally got the hang of it. 
What next? We got this!

On top of getting a head start on starting our registry, we have also booked our band, reception venue, and caterer! Now If I could only figure out which photographer I want.

Poll: Should I have a photographer who is 
a. laid back, funny, and willing to do whatever we want
b. a team of 2 very organized photographers with a set list of photos

Both have their perks...HELP! 


  1. well if they laid back one is who i think it is, he is great, but pictures will be very generic and no cutesy posed ones like you see in wedding blogs and stuff. So I might say the organized 2. But I think it all depends on what style and what kind of pictures you want done!

  2. A.- definitely!
    The more comfortable you are with your photographers- the more natural your pictures will be! And you really want to have pictures that represent the true feeling of your wedding!