Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I mentioned in the previous post that Clint and I found what will be our "first home." We are so excited so I wanted to elaborate a little bit more :) We will be moving to Chapel Hill North...a brand new community being built in Chapel Hill.  We originally had our hearts set on something like this, but I must admit we found a pretty good compromise. Can't get much better than living in a brand new place, under budget, with a dog park, pool, and fitness center with my husband-to-be.  To add to the greatness, it is also within walking distance to Harris Teeter, a mexican restaurant, a coffee shop, and a movie theater!  
In preparation for the big May move, I have been trying to purge some of the stuff that won't make the cut when Clint and I combine our stuff.  What better way to do that then a HUGE yard sale?? My OT class  is organizing a class yard sale in April and I can't wait! What a perfect time to do some major junk chunking right before all the super cute wedding gifts come rolling in :) Gotta say, I LOVE being engaged! 

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