Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nutrition confusion

In an effort to be a toned, fit, totally in-shape bride I have been trying to eat better and work out more.  The first couple weeks I thought I knew what I was I am completely confused. I started out my adding more calcium to my diet by drinking more milk and eating more yogurt.  I also am trying to eat more natural food as snacks instead of processed foods.  IN ADDITION I wanted to add more protein to my diet since I am trying to tone up.  What I have now realized that in order to get the amount of calcium and protein in my diet that I need, I am eating more than I should be.  So in despite of working out and running a lot more, I feel like I am gaining weight. So if anyone has any expert way to balance all this out, this bride to be would love your help!

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  1. The day I learn to get enough protein will be a red letter day for me... Wish I could help!