Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Darn that wagon!

It is that time again to get back on that proverbial weight loss wagon.  Pre-cruise I was super motivated to eat right and get in shape so that I would be happy with how I looked in my bikini.  I started eating very healthy with the help of Biggest Loser, Simple Swaps (which I highly recommend), watching my portion sizes, and working out with Jillian on Biggest Loser Wii Fit.  Miraculously I lost 10 pounds and felt amazing for the first time since I can remember! Now I can feel myself slinking back into old habits and need a wake up call!  My biggest problem is buying healthy foods on a grad school budget...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

So this month's goal is to be a chronic coupon clipper, making those healthy meals, and working out with no excuses!  Hopefully I can get the little fluff ball to take up running to maximize my success :)  

 As a side note, I had to throw in Bailey's newest glamor shot.  Poor girl, she must hate us by now!

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