Sunday, May 23, 2010

back on track...

My first year of graduate school is over!! Well, technically. Here is what has been going on....

*We got a sweet 1 week break and now we are back to the grind.  My lovely professors have decided to fit a 16-week course in 11-weeks, so from here until July 29th I will be sitting through 3-6 hours of classes and doing school work (how preposterous!).  
*I have fun summer plans set up, like tons of weddings and looking forward to playing with baby Jackson!  I am also looking forward to mine and Clint's 2 year anniversary (July 3rd) and yes, I have already begun bouncing around ideas :) Living almost two hours away from one another I welcome any chance I can get to plan a fun weekend for the two of us.  
*I have taken a job with the Autism Society of North Carolina!  I will be working a lot, but it will be great practice for the OT world...and I will hopefully not be so dang broke all the time.  
*I found a church I really like in Greenville, Eastern Pines Church of Christ. I met some of the members while doing some OT work in the community and thought I would give it a try. It feels nice to finally to have found a place to worship in Greenville since my home church is still in Wilson.  
...Amongst the already set plans, I will also be trying to 1) get back to working out 2) helping Clint find a place to move in August (a whole other post in its entirety) and 3) work on saving up for the future. After all, if I serious about wanting to ever buy a house or get married I need to have some way to pay for it!   

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