Thursday, May 19, 2011


I can barely believe it..but only 100 days until I am a married woman!  I have been busy at work getting ready for the wedding lately because the whole 3 month window is closing in and I know how quickly that can fly by.
This week I checked off....

  • bridal portrait scheduled 
  • welcome bag goodies purchased
  • soloist selected
  • (most) music for the ceremony selected 
  • date to meet with the band 
Pretty good for a week...especially all while starting my level II fieldwork {which is amazing, by the way!}
I also finally sucked it up and joined Pure Barre today! I am committing to Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays after work and hoping to see results soon.  It will NOT be easy, and I may be walking around looking like a fool until my body gets used to it, but by golly I will NOT be a big bliss bride

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