Thursday, May 12, 2011

Up-do {check!}

Call me a freak, but the satisfaction I get from checking something off my never ending to-do list(s) is phenomenal. I currently have {multiple} on going to-do lists for the wedding, one for fun home projects {more on the new place soon!}, and one for what to get done today (and tomorrow).  Yes, I have a problem.  
For the wedding to-do list, yesterday I got to check off my up-do!  I found a great hair stylist at Atmosphere  Salon and I am pretty convinced that she is a mind reader because she knew exactly what I wanted and made it look awesome! With an August wedding and all the booty shaking dancing I will be doing on the big day, I knew that I needed my hair up {or I would look like a sweaty, hot mess}.  The inspiration from the do, came from the picture in the inspiration board I created below {minus the flower}.  Love this inspiration board because it is definitely a snap-shot of my vision for the wedding...which is only a little over 3 months away...eekkkkk!

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