Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go figure

In my past 23 years of life I have realized that I am one of those  "if its going to happen to anyone it will happen to me" type of people.  Now, not in a bad, catastrophic kind of sense, but more so in a comical, gotta laugh at the world kind of sense.  The wedding has been no exception. 
Let's start with the wedding date.  Date #1 was a no-go because my good friend {and bridesmaid} is getting married the weekend before (and thus would not be able to attend my wedding). Date #2 {9-10-11} then became THE DATE.  It worked for the preacher, the church was open, and it certainly worked for us.  Of course, I began calling venues and professional right away...then comes the comical part. The secretary at the church "forgot to look on the back of the calender" and the church was ACTUALLY ALREADY BOOKED for that day.  Of course...panic mode ensued...tears were shed..and then then {being the chronic planner that I am} started looking for date #3.  Of course, it all worked out for the best and the date we have now August 27, 2011 is just perfect :)

Then....the hotel.  In January we blocked rooms for the hotel.  Come April when guests are starting to book their rooms, the hotel knew nothing of our reserved block.  Hmmmm...... Again, I got it all figured out...problem solved.  

And now....the dress!  I ordered my dress in January and have been patiently awaiting its April-May arrival.  I get a call today saying "THE DRESS IS IN!!" Yay!!! So I made an appointment for my 1st fitting and hit the gym {nothing like a wedding dress fitting to get you in shape}.  Then....they call back saying..."oooopps, the dress we have here is actually your MOTHER'S dress...yours is still not in yet." Yeah, go figure.  Looks like that diet can wait a few more days.  
All I have to say about it all is...live. laugh. learn.  

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