Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

Don't you love when it truly starts to feel like Spring again?! I knew that I had to fully take advantage of the beautiful weather today and Bailey was coming with.  Luckily she didn't mind too much since she got a treat at Wachovia AND at PetSmart! Guess it pays off to be cute, huh? She also had to tag along to Goodwill so I treated her with an outing to the dog park! It was her 1st time at this park and her 4th time overall and she had a freakin blast! 
Well, at first not so much....  
Bailey likes to hide under the bench when she gets scared at the dog park, but this one just happened to have a huge hole in the ground!
By the end of the hour she was looking more like this...

I was so proud of her, and most importantly she currently looks like this....

which means I will get a fully uninterrupted night of zzz's!
Since Bailey got her exercise I figured I would come home and go for a run myself to take in some more of the beautiful day.  Hoping for more of these days....especially since I will be enjoying Easter at the beach with my family :)

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