Sunday, January 10, 2010

The importance of friends

Of all the things that I adored about being an undergrad...the parties, sorority functions, fraternity late is the close access to my friends that I miss the most. In undergrad all my friends were either living in the same house or better yet, right down the street! There was always someone to go to the gym with, meet for lunch, and lay on the couch and swear that "we will never drink again." Having to accept the motto of "that was then and this is now" is something I am having a VERY hard time with. I now live at least 90 minutes away from all of my college friends, and a handful of them are not even in the same state. We are all in grad school, starting new careers or getting married, which is FANTASTIC and what we all hoped and dreamed for just a year ago. But...finding time to drive to every end of the state to spend a couple days with the people I dearly miss is just not as easy to fit into the hustle and bustle of life these days. I knew growing up would be hard, but I always assumed I would have my friends close by to bitch and moan about it all with. So I have decided that I am going to do something about it! I'm taking on the challenge to find the time in 2010 to fulfill the void and do some traveling. Off to Charlotte, Raleigh and Wilmington for starters...then Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida if I get truly enthusiastic (or the money on a grad school budget!).

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