Monday, January 11, 2010

Fresh beginnings

As 2009 rolled out, it rolled away with my sense of security.  December 22nd my house was broken into over $2,000 worth of my hard earned goods were stolen.  Merry Christmas, right?! Through much debate my roommate and I decided to move to a safer neighborhood...which means
more rent, less money for my shopping expenditures, and yes, moving my entire townhouse a few miles down the road. Through all the headache, I am still remaining optimistic and excited about this new move..and the much needed re-organizing my life!
Next change up to bat is getting healthier! I got a Wii Fit for Christmas (YAY!) so I can be workin' on my fitness in my (new) house even on those cold, don't want to leave the house, days! I am also a HUGE fan of the Biggest Loser and wish I had the luxury (and curse) of Jillian around all the time to whip my butt into shape! I bought an amazing book that I recommend to everyone....Biggest Loser, Simple Swaps. I am LOVING it and all of its great recommendations....especially spaghetti squash, YUM! This week I decided to plan out my meals for the week based on the book and it is going great!  Hopefully this dedication will stick long-term :) 3 cheers to a healthy, and SAFER, 2010!

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