Saturday, June 11, 2011


Working with the kids is going really great! I am gaining more responsibility with each day and learning something all the time.  I love sharing in their excitement when they do something fun or finally get something for the first time.  What I don't like about sharing...the germs.  Sunday nights (2.5 weeks into my fieldwork) I started  feeling pretty icky so I tried to sleep it off. Monday morning, YUCK-O. Full blown eye infection and a sinus infection to match.  Luckily Chapel Hill North is located behind a shopping center complete with UNC Eye Center and UNC Healthcare.  Took the day off Monday to recoup and am still fighting off the ick factor.  Eye infection is gone, but can't shake the congestion, coughing and stuffy head.  My bathroom counter has turned into a mini-pharmacy and I have been sipping herbal teas by the gallon.  Quite frankly my dislike for coughing up my lungs and blowing my nose raw is starting to outweigh my love for the kiddos....any suggestions to toughen up this quivering immune system, stat?

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