Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tough decisions

I try to lead a fairly worry free life, but there is always one stressor that keeps Clint singing the chorus of this tune to me....$money$.  When I found out I was not going to be able to work at the Autism Society as much next semester I had a mini-meltdown.  I have enjoyed saving my extra $4,000 of student loans each semester for a wedding one day, and not being able to do that was frightening.  So, I went out and found job #2.  I will be working at the ECU Distance Education Proctoring Center! Its such an easy job, with perfect hours, and excellent pay. The plan was to work there Monday-Friday and at the Autism Society Friday-Saturday..no worries, I can handle it.  Or can I? Now enters the tough decision...should I quit job #1?  It is so rewarding, but does it come at the cost of less time with my boyfriend? I mean seriously, why save up money for a wedding if there is never a time when you sit back and relax with your significant other for a weekend?  So I am letting go of the Autism Society.  I need to focus on myself and not set myself up for being overwhelmed in my last semester of classes {hallelujah, praise God!!}.   Seems like this may be the best decision I have had in a while.

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