Thursday, September 15, 2011

We did it!

After 8 months of planning, moving to Chapel Hill, completing a 3 month fieldwork, getting my first job(!!!), and a hurricane....we are married!  Yes, a hurricane.  My inner planner had all the details ironed out, including a complete minute-by-minute timeline of events for Friday and Saturday. One thing I didn't have planned was "how to deal for a hurricane on your wedding day."  How I did it was: Lots of love and support, constant prayer, and a strong will.  My friends and family were absolutely amazing and helped to keep my mind off the fact that there were tropical storm force winds, flooding, trees down and power outages.  What I really wanted was to run to Clint and cry on his shoulder, but being the traditional bride I did not want to see him on our wedding day.  By the time the church bells rang, it was beautiful and my mind on was completely centered on marrying the love of my life.  The only other glitch, power out for 20 minutes at the reception.  But with it still being daylight  (and my sister-in-laws keeping my hand full with a drink) we made it and it was the perfect day!  I married my best friend, and now we have the greatest story to tell our children about our love conquering all, even a hurricane.  

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