Sunday, June 27, 2010

Power of Prayer

Lately I have been attending Eastern Pines Church of Christ in Greenville and I absolutely love it.  I have been going at least once a week, either to Sunday service or Wednesday bible study, and have met some really great people!  Going to church more often has really renewed my feelings about the power of prayer and how it can really make a difference.  With all of that said I could use a little prayer this week.  I started having abnormally heavy periods about 8 months so I my doctor changed my BC.  It didn't help so we changed it again.  Then 3 months ago I started spotting and it has not stopped since then.  I finally went to my doctor and after an exam he determined that I am having abnormal cervical bleeding.  He put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics with no positive result.  I go back for another exam and further testing this Wednesday and I am praying for the best (even though I can't get the worst out of my head).  I normally wouldn't be this public with these sorts of issues, but I am asking you to keep me in your prayers the next couple of days.  Clint claims that I just over worrying as usual... I am hoping he is right in this case!  Thanks in advance :) 


  1. Our family has just won one milestone, we will win this one too! I love you very much....our faith in God and his love and comfort will help us through this...we are his children and he has the power to heal and make you better..and I believe he will. :)